Our Proficiency Lies in Discerning Fundamental Success Factors that position Organizations as World-Class Entities

We regularly service the aviation industry, and haven worked on large and complex deals, we are able to refract with eagle lenses, those factors that count in ensuring success as a world class organization.

Our team of skilled and experienced lawyers is erudite in Aviation owing to its activities, legal representations and relationship with the regulators and stakeholders – Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria and the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency and Airlines. It is noteworthy to mention that Niji Oni and Co. advised on the bill for the establishment of a transport safety board for Nigeria and autonomous agency to investigate transportation occurrences and proffer recommendations as a preventive measure. A move in ensuring that Nigeria conforms with the international safety standard on modes of transportation.

Our Aviation Practice centers around registration and servicing of domestic and foreign businesses; Joint Ventures; Aircraft and Infrastructure Financing; Purchase; Sale/Leasebacks; Licencing such as Airline Operating Permit, Permit for Non-Commercial Flights, Air Travel Organizers License and Foreign Carrier Operating Permit; Regulatory Interface and Dispute Resolution such as air accidents and relevant compensation.

At Niji Oni & Co. we are familiar with drafting, revising and modifying various kinds of agreements in the commercial aviation industry, such as wet lease or interchange agreements, code share agreements, contracts with General Sales Agents (GSA’s) or Handling Agents and such other agreements in the sector.


– Advising on the One Million United States Dollars (USD$1,000,000.00) establishment and transfer of technology reporting tool and database for Airlines;

– Advising on the capital raising of Fifty Million United States Dollars ($50,000,000.00) for an aviation company in Nigeria.