Government Services and Regulatory

Exercising a Central Role in Propelling Nigeria's Economic Development

The Public Sector is one of the largest sectors in the Nigerian economy. It plays a key role in the economic development of Nigeria. As we often say, Nigeria has laws or regulations for almost all sort of daily activities.

The Nigerian Public Sector is ever evolving as the often times, the government makes initiatives towards cost savings by constantly restructuring its agencies; introducing more agencies or bodies for effective regulatory implementation and opting for strategies including liberalization, privatization, project finance and public private partnerships, policy review and amendments for promotion of and support to growing economy.

Our Clients seek expertise in a highly regulated ecosystem like Nigeria. At Niji Oni & Co, we stay close to the trends, changes and where necessary, being part of these trends, has become paramount to our drive in achieving our goals as a Firm. Notably, we have contributed to the policy changes and development within the Nigerian and African aviation and agricultural sectors.

Our advices and lead participation resulted in the passage of a bill for the establishment of the first multi-modal transportation safety body to independently inquire into the transportation occurrences as a fact finding and offer recommendations to prevent future occurrences. This was in line with several international treaties and bodies for the improvement of safety in transportation within the country.

The Firm is working with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture as an appointed member to the Agro Zero Reject on the ban on exportation of Nigerian Commodities by the European Union (EU). With these project, legislations and regulations will be reviewed to ensure processing, inspection and transportation of Agro produce meets world’s standard thereby aiding the promotion of food safety.

Advising on the partnership with the Niger State government on the mechanization of Smallholders Farmers and the exportation of cashew and Shea butter.